After last year’s unforgettable van life uk festival (check out my review here), I couldn’t contain my excitement and anticipation for the next instalment. Promised to be the UK’s largest van life event, I wondered if scaling up would compromise the genuine festival atmosphere and allow sponsorships to dominate. Well, let me regale you with tales from Vanlife Fest Festival 2023, where the vans roamed free, the traffic jams were epic, and the laughs were aplenty.

Welcome, fellow adventurers! Buckle up as we embark on a journey through the UK’s largest van life event of the year – the Vanlife Fest Festival 2023. Was it overhyped? Or did it live up to the anticipation? Let’s dive in!

The Traffic Jam Party

Who would’ve thought that paying £15 for early parking would turn into the most enjoyable traffic jam in the world? As the line of vans stretched all the way to Shrewsbury, it became a mobile party. Drinks were sipped, thumbs were raised, and tunes were played. It was a series of mini festivals before the main event even started.

The Camping Experience

The camping and parking situation was different from last year, but it added a new dimension to the event. We were all nose to tail, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie. And let’s not forget about the grass – it was cut and the land was flat, making the setup a breeze.

Facilities: Spot On!

The facilities were, well, “spot on!” Sure, they weren’t the pinnacle of restroom luxury, but they were clean and functional. And to the truck driver who complained about them being worse than trucker toilets – maybe he should’ve given them a fair chance before grumbling.

Vendors and Traders: A Mixed Bag

The vendors and traders were as diverse as the vans themselves. From clothing stalls to the odds and sods stall, there was something for everyone. However, the increased pitch fees meant we had to reserve our eating-out nights as rare treats instead of the norm.

Music and Other Stuff

The bands were a mixed bag, but the overall vibe of the festival transcended any individual performance. With the sun shining down on us, it felt like we were riding a natural high, immune to any musical mishaps.

The Dark Side

Unfortunately, not everything was sunshine and rainbows. Some nefarious individual decided to spread nails around the dusty zones, and the beer situation was a bit of a letdown with prices crossing the £6 mark.

The Atmosphere: A Solid 95/100

Despite a few hiccups, the Vanlife Fest Festival 2023 scored a solid 95 out of 100 on the atmosphere scale. The eclectic mix of people, the unexpected acts of kindness, and the overall festival high made it an unforgettable experience. Having been to a few events the feel of things is just as, if not more important that the facilities. Having grown substantially over the 2022 event that all important vibe was kept in tact.

The Final Night: A Crescendo of Emotions

The final night was the cherry on top. As we gathered around the firepit, something magical happened. Random souls, drawn by the enchanting energy, gravitated toward the warmth and camaraderie. It was a night of endless drinks and shameless partying that stretched into the wee hours.

The Verdict

The Vanlife Fest Festival 2023 has undoubtedly set the bar high for future events. It’s a daunting challenge for those who are just beginning their foray into van life and the festival scene. But fret not, my friends. Each event comes with its unique charm and surprises.

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So, here’s to embracing the van life journey, one festival at a time, with an open mind and an insatiable thirst for new experiences. Cheers!