I’ve always wanted to own a van. I know that sounds stupid, cars are more comfortable, more economic, have more creature comforts but there is something about driving a van that just works. Ignore the posh VW transporter owners who head to the beach and pay £55 a night for a camp sight and theres more to it.

Forget the bollocks about being able to park up anywhere for free, the opening of the van door and seeing the beach because all of that to be honest is complete and utter bollocks.

If it had not been for the simple fact of owning a van I wouldnt have made new friends in the last few years. I wouldnt have pushed myself to drive insane miles across Europe, just because.

I wouldn’t have met 2 new friends, nor would I have learnt that all important story that it’s not about the destination its about the journey, as my Oktoberfest 2022 road trip would come to demonstrate.

Am I a van lifer? No but I want to be. I’ve been inspired by those who I saw at the VanlifeUK festival and to be honest some people have vans that feel more like a home than I’ve ever experienced.

My content is crap, my YouTube Videos are barely viewable but I hope you enjoy what I do because life is about having fun, trying to learn how to smile ONCE a day no matter what.

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