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Skegvegas Vanlife Festival 2023 – An Unexpected Surprise

Booked on a whim and in the midst of a great depression, I booked a last minute ticket to a van life event in Skegvegas. Ok so it was nearer to Boston but it turned out to be Lincolnshires Biggest Vanlife event. Here’s my video of what was like

Skegvegas Vanlife 2023

If you dont want to watch the video was ti any good. Hell yes. Despite having I would say a couple of thousand van’s there it still managed to retain a certain charm and atmosphere but that was no doubt helped but the good, if somewhat windy weather.

It’s definitely worth going to and indeed getting there early unlike me to really make the most out of the weekend as theres no staying overnight on a sunday. This is friday to sunday event.

Will I go again. For sure. Despite it not being a event I would say you would make friends at due to its size and the hipster nature of it, read the cliche of guys wearing baseball hats, short sleeve Teese and a long beard is becoming a touch cliche now, it’s well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.

Other than me ripping on the hipster style of things the only bad thing I have to say about Skegvegas Vanlife is the fact it’s so far away from where I live.

UK Vanlife Festival 2023: Honest Review & Experience

After last year’s unforgettable van life uk festival (check out my review here), I couldn’t contain my excitement and anticipation for the next instalment. Promised to be the UK’s largest van life event, I wondered if scaling up would compromise the genuine festival atmosphere and allow sponsorships to dominate. Well, let me regale you with tales from Vanlife Fest Festival 2023, where the vans roamed free, the traffic jams were epic, and the laughs were aplenty.

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Campervan Campout 2023 Reviewed

In an effort to attract a more diverse (and younger crowd) the Camping and Caravan club teamed up with the Warner group UK to host the Campervan Campout. Can the old school Caravan and Camping crowd attract the van life community or was this just a cash in?

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Gwen Gwen Festival Kidwelly 2022 Review

2022 was the first year of this festival, funded by the European investing fund and billed itself

Gwên Gwen is an independent music + art festival held in the historic market town of Kidwelly, on the beautiful Welsh coast.


The Gwen Gwen Festival is an annual event that takes place in Kidwelly, a small town located in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The festival celebrates the local Welsh culture and heritage, with a focus on music, art, and food.

Gwen Gwen Festival 2023 Tickets

The festival will be back for 2023 from Fri, 11 Aug 2023 18:00 – Sun, 13 Aug 2023 23:00 BST. Tickets can be purchased via eventbrite.