Hello, fellow adventurers! Welcome back to my Van Life Thing channel. Today, I’m excited to share a unique experience that deviates a bit from my usual van life adventures. Instead of staying in my van, I spent a week in a luxury lodge at Pevensey Caravan Park with my friend, Karl.

Our journey began with a 90-mile drive from London to Pen Bay. The drive was a bit of a slog, but the anticipation of what awaited us at the end kept us going. Upon arrival, we were astounded by the size of the lodge. It was bigger than my house and packed with amenities that made it feel like a home away from home.

The lodge was equipped with a big TV, a DVD player, a heater, and even a veranda – a first for me! The kitchen was well-stocked with a fridge, freezer, coffee maker, and tea and toast making facilities. The lodge also featured two bathrooms and two bedrooms, one of which was a master suite complete with a dressing area and a makeup boudoir.

The lodge was so spacious and comfortable that it felt like a luxury vacation. We spent our days exploring the park, enjoying cold lagers at the clubhouse, and having deep philosophical conversations. We also indulged in some delicious food, although the burgers left a bit to be desired.

Despite the comfort and luxury of the lodge, I found myself missing the simplicity and freedom of van life. However, it was a welcome change to have some creature comforts after many days of wet wipe washes and peeing in a bottle.

This experience was not just a break from van life, but also a challenge for me. I wanted to see if I could vlog for a week and possibly hit 500 viewers or subscribers. So, stay tuned for more videos from this adventure, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

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Remember, whether it’s in a van or a luxury lodge, the spirit of adventure is what truly matters. Until next time, keep exploring!