The world right now seems to be going a bit more back to normal travel restrictions are being relaxed and countries are opening up their borders. Now you might be thinking let’s ago away on a break, let’s go away on a holiday and you might be thinking when you are looking for hotels in the uk, let’s look at hotels. This might lead you to thinking of staying at the Travel Lodge brand, and in particular the one in Merthyr Tydfil.

With such high lights of tea and coffee making facilities along with free parking, you might be tempted with the breakfast to go for £5.50 like I was.. let me review the breakfast to go for you!

with our new found freedoms, lets go away on a breakouts and he will be thinking. Let’s go away on a break. What is going on a holiday let Stephen and Paul which is a hotel offering equipment plus free parking I literally I cannot talk about Merthyr Tydfil anyways tempted to get a breakfast to go for £5.50, and this is what you gonna get and I literally cannot believe I’m about to do in unboxing of a breakfast box