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A Van Life Detour: A Week in a Luxury Lodge at Pen Bay Caravan Park

Hello, fellow adventurers! Welcome back to my Van Life Thing channel. Today, I’m excited to share a unique experience that deviates a bit from my usual van life adventures. Instead of staying in my van, I spent a week in a luxury lodge at Pevensey Caravan Park with my friend, Karl.

Our journey began with a 90-mile drive from London to Pen Bay. The drive was a bit of a slog, but the anticipation of what awaited us at the end kept us going. Upon arrival, we were astounded by the size of the lodge. It was bigger than my house and packed with amenities that made it feel like a home away from home.

The lodge was equipped with a big TV, a DVD player, a heater, and even a veranda – a first for me! The kitchen was well-stocked with a fridge, freezer, coffee maker, and tea and toast making facilities. The lodge also featured two bathrooms and two bedrooms, one of which was a master suite complete with a dressing area and a makeup boudoir.

The lodge was so spacious and comfortable that it felt like a luxury vacation. We spent our days exploring the park, enjoying cold lagers at the clubhouse, and having deep philosophical conversations. We also indulged in some delicious food, although the burgers left a bit to be desired.

Despite the comfort and luxury of the lodge, I found myself missing the simplicity and freedom of van life. However, it was a welcome change to have some creature comforts after many days of wet wipe washes and peeing in a bottle.

This experience was not just a break from van life, but also a challenge for me. I wanted to see if I could vlog for a week and possibly hit 500 viewers or subscribers. So, stay tuned for more videos from this adventure, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

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Remember, whether it’s in a van or a luxury lodge, the spirit of adventure is what truly matters. Until next time, keep exploring!

Inside Van Life: A Week-Long Adventure at Pevensey Bay Caravan Park

Greetings, Nomad Nation! 🚐

My wheels have rolled into a new corner of the world, the picturesque Pevensey Bay Caravan Park. As I set up my temporary home amidst the stunning scenery of the UK’s coastline, I can’t help but feel a sense of thrill for the week that lies ahead.

This time, it’s not just about the open road and the uncharted path. It’s about anchoring down, experiencing a different pace of life at a caravan park, and truly immersing in this unique setting. I’m stepping into an experiment, challenging myself to capture every nuance of this adventure and sharing it with you, my dear Nomad Nation.

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5 Exciting Adventures to Embark on With Your New Van

Owning a van opens up a world of possibilities for adventure and exploration. Here are five exciting activities you can enjoy with your new van.h

1. Embark on a Road Trip

A van is the perfect vehicle for a road trip. Its spacious interior can carry all your essentials, making long drives comfortable and enjoyable. Explore new cities, visit landmarks, and take in the scenic routes. The journey is just as important as the destination when you’re on a road trip.

Road Trip Enjoying a scenic drive during a road trip.

2. Go Camping

With the right modifications, your van can transform into a cozy camper. This allows you to immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing comfort. Park in a beautiful location and have everything you need right at your fingertips. Don’t forget to equip your van with the best portable showers for a comfortable camping experience.

Camping Camping under the stars with the van.

3. Take a Surfing Trip

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, your van is the perfect companion. It has ample space for all your surf gear, allowing you to drive to the best surf spots with ease. Plus, you can sleep in the van, letting you catch the first waves at dawn.

Surfing Ready to hit the waves after a good night’s sleep in the van.

4. Go Mountain Biking

Your van can easily transport mountain bikes, making it ideal for a mountain biking adventure. Drive to the best trails and have a comfortable place to rest and recover after a day of biking.

Mountain Biking Resting after a thrilling day of mountain biking.

5. Plan a Fishing Trip

For those who enjoy fishing, a van is a great asset. Store all your fishing gear in the van, and even plan multi-day fishing trips with the convenience of sleeping in the van.

Fishing Enjoying a peaceful fishing trip with the van.

Your van is more than just a vehicle; it’s a ticket to countless adventures. With the right accessories and modifications, you can enhance these experiences even further. Whether it’s adding a pop-top roof for extra sleeping space, installing a kitchen unit for cooking meals, or adding a bike rack for carrying bikes, the possibilities are endless.

Embrace the van life and start your adventure today!

Power Up Your Vanlife with The Ecoflow River 2: Review

Hey there, fellow vanlifers! Today, we’re diving deep into the EcoFlow River 2 Power station, a compact and versatile power solution that’s been making waves in the vanlife community.

First off, the River 2 is a compact and lightweight power station, weighing in at just seven pounds. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, making it an excellent companion for those off-grid adventures or even just a day at the beach.

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Tailgate Holder: The Van Life Heatwave Game Changer

Hello, fellow van life enthusiasts! If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of keeping cool in your van during a heatwave. Well, I’ve found a game-changing gadget that has significantly improved my van life experience during these sweltering times. Let me introduce you to the tailgate holder – a simple yet effective tool that can make a world of difference in your van’s temperature.

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