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There was an Accident. A Van Life Breakdown £200 down

It was one of those days where the universe seemed to conspire against every attempt to move forward. A simple drive home turned into an odyssey of frustration, beginning with a distracted moment and a merciless curb.

The van, my trusty companion, had just been fine-tuned, ready to cruise the open roads without a fight. But in a blink, we were back in the trenches, wrestling with unexpected troubles.

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Just the Wheel Bearing Right? Van Life Repairs

In 2022 I spent a whopping £520 to get the rear wheel bearings replaced on my van. It turns out that the removing one deafening noise of a wheel bearing would reveal another wheel bearing issue, but this was to be ignored for a while, in fact till this week when enough was enough and I just needed my van life house to be right.

The sudden need to get this fixed isn’t due anything mechanical (although it should be) it’s down to my Youtube Chanel and my inability to edit out background noise… let me explain.

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