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Tailgate Holder: The Van Life Heatwave Game Changer

Hello, fellow van life enthusiasts! If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of keeping cool in your van during a heatwave. Well, I’ve found a game-changing gadget that has significantly improved my van life experience during these sweltering times. Let me introduce you to the tailgate holder – a simple yet effective tool that can make a world of difference in your van’s temperature.

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Best Portable Showers For Van Life

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to embrace the freedom of van life adventures! But let’s face it, after a long day of exploring, we all need to freshen up and bid farewell to the sand lodged between our toes. Fear not, fellow road warriors! The answer to your van life hygiene woes comes in the form of portable showers. No complicated van modifications required—just a little water and a splash of creativity, and you’ll be as fresh as a daisy without relying on an army of wet wipes.

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Choosing A Solar Panel For Van LIfe

It’s only my second year of owning a fridge in my van, and now that I have one, there’s no looking back. However, keeping things cool in the summer isn’t easy. A fridge solves one problem, but keeping the batteries topped up with the sun is a whole different thing. Let’s discuss choosing a solar panel.

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Keeping Your Cool: Van Life in a Heatwave

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, it’s hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch out here! If you’re living the van life, you know that a heatwave can turn your cozy home-on-wheels into a rolling sauna. But don’t sweat it, folks! We’ve got some cool-as-a-cucumber tips to help you beat the heat.

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The Best Internet / Data Sim for Vanlife

We all know there are 100’s of different SIM card and data sims to choose from to make sure you have internet whilst living the van life thing. But what one is the best?

To compare plans, look at the length of contract vs price vs data vs cash back is a absolute nightmare so instead of all that I’ll just tell you what my experiences are live with my very simple van life internet setup.

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